The History


The Flag throwers group begins its performances in 1972 under the auspices of the Office of Tourism Fivizzano and in 1983 was transformed into an indipendent association with the name of GRUPPO STORICO FIVIZZANO.


To the flag wavers and musicians was added a renaissance dance group to create a mix between these sectors with the purpose to involve the public in a magical atmosphere of history, music and colour, to pay homage to the Renaissance period and to the history of the Florentine Republic of which Fivizzano was the leader in the XV th century constituting one of these Medici "islands" which characterized the rule of the Medici in upper Tuscany.


Nowadays different groups of folklore continually appear and disappear that is why we are very proud to tell you our long history.


Over 1800 performances in Italy and around the world are the best proof of the reliability and quality of the performances we offer.



The Group


The historic group of Fivizzano is made up of about 90 people aged between 5 and 50 years. They are divided between sbandieratori (flag throwers), tamburini (drummers), chiarine (particular trumpets) and Dame (ladies).
There's also a school that teaches the old art of flag throwing for children between 5-15 years ensuring the continuation through the generations. For each areas there are different directors and they are each independently responsible for every aspect of the performance in order to maintain the authenticity of costumes, music, choreography dance.


Musicians and flag throwers


The flag throwers are the most spectacular sector of the group.


The show is composed of exercises with one, two or three flag throwers as well as small and large teams depending on the space and location.

Drums, trumpets and flutes accompany this majestic procession by their sound. The ultimate goal is to make a well-coordinated and an original show with the tecniques of flag throwing different from the vast majority of other groups.


Renaissance ladies


This is a group of ladies who dance in the Renaissance style with their wonderful dresses, very choreographic and beautiful to watch. Sometimes they also dance popular ballades with typical costumes of the ancient peasants. An important aspect of this group is how they maintain loyalty to history characterized by dedication to the true authenticity of their costumes. The dresses in fact have been produced in accordance with historical documentation dating back to between 1400 and 1500 in part inspired by a portrayal of the period and in part the product of the creativity and fantasy of the dressmakers and ladies of Fivizzano.

The Show


 Particularly scenic effective is the battle between two flag throwers simulating an ancient duel with the use of their respective flags as a weapon. 


Another peculiarity is the ensemble of flag throwers and renaissance ladies who recreate together a fantastic atmosphere combining colours, sounds and dance.


But the moment to behold in the performance is without doubt the show of fluorescents flags by night, a unique show which only few groups in the world can offer.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of costumes and to the authenticity of the reproduction, one of the reasons Fivizzano group is highly regarded for its high level of performances and why  it continues to gain considerable support and interest both nationally and internationally.


Besides the performances in the most beautiful and prestigious italian cities the Gruppo Storico Fivizzano has participated in many international tours as:

Austria, France, Vatican City, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Belarus, England, Scotland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Portugal, Danemark, United States of America, China, Venezuela. Thailand, Arab Emirates, Cypro, Australia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Palestine and Kuwait.